Scale Logic, Inc. is a value added global distribution company focused on storage and networking infrastructures. Our goal is to bring value to our partners by building a suite of products and services to help scale their business effectively and efficiently. Our sales and technical team are seasoned veterans with over 25 years of experience in developing, deploying and supporting high performance digital file based solutions.

Scale Logic, Inc. has developed strategic relationships around RAID, NAS, SAN and Archive technology that focuses on logical solutions to complex storage needs in the Media and Entertainment industry. Our consultative approach offers our customers options that consider performance, reliability, scalability and budget.

Scale Logic, Inc. has a philosophy of providing the best end-to-end storage solutions in the industry to compliment our partners' capabilities. Choose from individual products or services, or depend on Scale Logic Inc. to help design a solution that will meet your company's requirements now and for years to come.

Genesis RAID RX Series

Genesis RX RAID series is a line of purpose-built, feature-rich adaptable RAID or SAN appliance that integrates RAID 6 technology with the latest industry-standard hardware components. Our engineers have developed Genesis RX with a unique set of tools that simplify storage while delivering top-level performance. Genesis RX has the ability to “leap-frog” other manufacturers’ hardware ASIC-based RAID controller roadmaps. It’s affordable, high-bandwidth, cross-platform storage for Mac, Windows and Linux users.