Located in Hollywood, California, ReelData was started by a team of engineers with more than 55 years of television production, post-production, and database software design experience.

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Jeff Spalla

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“Makes my job easier with a productive and powerful file based workflow solutions.”

Our Story.

We started making software when desktop computers were a new toy, the laptop did not exist and there was no Internet.  Our work as editors in the television and film industries, on projects at some of the top production companies in Hollywood, gave us a unique perspective.    Back then, there were libraries of 1000's of video tapes, expensive tape machines, paper scripts, and crazy schedules.  Some things change, some stay the same.  If you needed to find a shot on one of those tapes, a good memory would come in very handy.  We started exploring databases, and software design, seeing an obvious need for faster access to media resources.   The first software interfaces were simple, with long wait times for large data searches.  Our first systems still run today, but so much has changed.  

At the Olympics in 2002, editing for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, ReelData founders Jeff Spalla and Joe Lewis started ReelData as an avenue to develop new software that would better manage daily post-production work flows.  Their first project was for a  Mark Burnett show called the "Eco-Challenge Fiji".  In only 15 days of production, the production shot over 900 tapes, 50 camera crews. with multiple producer teams.  They needed to keep track of every shot for the post production process.  Thus, MediaDB software was launched!  A successful start!  From that point on,  we continued to refine MediaDB, expanding the software new modules.  Additional products were created to support the software:  "The Ingestor" capture hardware, application computer servers for multi-user database access, and streaming video hardware so producers could see their work from any computer,  anywhere in the world. 

Currently, MediaDB has transformed into a much more robust SQL database, and a java user interface.  This allows the MediaDB application to be available anywhere anytime on any computer, and totally secure! 

Today, ReelData products are a robust combination of software and hardware.  Powerful and easy to use,  we continue to design new features that simplify the production experience, while enhancing the creative process.

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