Common to all systems

  1. Easy to use

  2. Intuitive Interface

  3. Powerful Search Engine

  4. All products linked into one system

  5. Works with PC and Mac and Linux systems at the same time

  6. Saves production time and money

  7. NO application to install

MediaDB software 
 Powerful management of your production workflow
Power View  
  Keep track of all your digital media files automatically!

Show Builder
  Tools the help you build shows smarter and faster.

Live Log
  Show notes during live production and saved in your database.
  More powerful media capture and trans-coding in your favorite formats.

Technical Services
   More development, customization, consultation, integration, installation,         
    training, and support.



  1. Instantly recall show information on any computer

       from anywhere in the world 

  1. Locate a media file or tape master

  2. Prioritize and keep track of digitized tapes

  3. Prioritize tapes to be transcribed and transcriber

  4. Keep all your transcriptions uniform

  5. Create a paper scripts from transcripts and shot logs

  6. Eliminate the need to digitize clips more than once

  7. Export Avid Cut and Final Cut Pro edit lists

  8. Backup all your data automatically

  9. Import data from a nonlinear edit system

  10. Create a log of live shoots ... LIVE

  11. and more!

Use MediaDB as an avenue for Executives to Transcribers to view clips. 

Watch quicktime clips on any browser.