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Dr. Phil goes into 10th Season using MediaDB System

At the Dr. Phil Show, the goal is to have every video and audio clip securely accessible from any computer.  MediaDB makes that goal a reality. Thanks to MediaDB hardware including the video and database servers, 6 channels of Ingestor for capturing steaming video, and the “Private Video Network” at “” for clip playback worldwide, they are reaching that goal. They now have 1000's of hours of streaming video available from the MediaDB ClipVault. Multiple transcribers log tapes 24/7, library personnel track, label and store on their tapes and other media. MediaDB helps Dr. Phil get on the air 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

MediaDB - Nothing is like it!

MediaDb now takes your media, transcripts, and you...where ever you are. There is no application to load. Access MediaDB anywhere you have internet access. It is totally secure because we use the internet just as conduit. Also, MediaDB is now using a SQL database, therefore, it is very stable, fast, and easily to backup your data. To be more specific, it uses any SQL database. So if your company is using SQL server or even MySQL, MediaDB will load right into it. Any number of users can access MediaDB at the same time, but only if they have proper user name and password. MediaDB is also Tenant Based, meaning if a production company has multiple shows and wants to limit users' access specific shows, no problem.

New FastLog SQL Database for FASTRACK Editor

Use the MediaDB database directly from the Editware FASTRACK Editor. It is so cool. FASTRACK is a hybrid editing system which controls media from any video server on the market...therefore FASTLOG is the ONLY SQL DATABASE that can be used with ANY video server on the market as well. Right from the FASTRACK interface, all editing entries are now automatically entered in MediaDB database. Then Search, Log, Recall, and Use video and audio clips in the FASTRACK at any time. Find all your data whenever you need it, over and over again. And all clients, not just FASTRACK operators, can view the FastLog database on any computer.

First Module of MediaDB Enterprise Completed

Our SQL/ JAVA Enterprise version is in the path to completion. We have created the first Module of our Enterprise Version of MediaDB, a ShotLog /Library Module which works stand alone or with our new FastLog Solution that integrates Editware FASTRACK Editing System seamlessly with the MediaDB Database. Very exciting for us and our customers.

The Enterprise version incorporates amazing new features. Web Access is built in, using any web browser. For faster connections, we also include our Smart Client Technology, treating the web client the same as a local user on the MediaDB system. Now you can connect to MediaDB worldwide as if you are in the office.

MediaDB Enterprise follows industry standard software protocols for integration into existing DatabaseSystems, using virtually any SQL Database, like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL server, and Sybase. Run it on all major operating systems: Win, Mac, Linux, Solarus. It's truly a remarkable new product with a bright future that we are very proud of.

More to come.

At Intuitive Entertainment, Tapeless is King

Intuitive Entertainment added 2 more shows to their production schedule. That makes 3 new shows, “Sunset Tan” for E! Entertainment, “Millionaire Matchmaker” for Bravo, and a yet unreleased title, which all have gone completely tapeless by using the MediaDB system. They create streaming clips and DVD's for all research and transcription and logging. No VHS tapes, and all off site viewing is done over the Web. They love the amount of time MediaDB is saving them.

POWERVIEW:  a file tracking solution

LIVE LOG:  Live studio loging and create capture time codes for batch capturing

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