ReelData Joins Panasas® Partner Program to integrate the ActiveStor™ 11 & 12 for unmatched parallel file system performance and scalability into their product line.

NAB Conference - Las Vegas, N.V. - April 13th, 2012 - Panasas and ReelData today announced that ReelData will integrate the Panasas ActiveStor™ 11 & 12 into its MediaDB production database product line, to provide massively-scalable and efficient storage solutions and integrating with visual effects and high end editorial systems by Avid, Adobe, Apple, AutoDesk Editware, Grass Valley, and more. Through this integration, ReelData provides customers with storage technologies unseen in the media industry. ReelData also has joined the Panasas Partner Program to leveragePanasas training and support services.

An explosion of digital media assets is happening in the entertainment industry, driven by new high-resolution video formats. The need to efficiently and reliably store petabytes and beyond is now required to address the growth of big data files in television and movie production. ActiveStor is perfect for sequential media files files, while providing the highest levels of reliability, and extremely fast throughput speeds.

"The rapidly accelerating digital data storage growth in television production has made current storage solutions unwieldy and costly, even as they have difficulty in scaling to meet our capacity requirements." said Jeff Spalla, Co-founder of ReelData, Inc. "The combination of ReelData's MediaDB production database products and ActiveStor™ will provide our customers with powerful advantages for managing big media with dramatically simplified management at an affordable cost."

Panasas ActiveStor™ is the world's fastest parallel storage system, bringing plug-and-play simplicity to large scale storage deployments. Based on a unique storage blade architecture and the Panasas® PanFS™ storage operating system, Panasas® ActiveStor™ delivers unmatched parallel file system performance in addition to the scalability, manageability, reliability, and value required by demanding technical computing applications and big data workloads.

Reeldata will demonstrate Panasas products at the NAB 2012 (National Association of Broadcasters) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 16-19, at Reeldata's strategic partner Editware's booth #N3224.

Key Features of Panasas ActiveStor™


ActiveStor appliances eliminate the bottlenecks found in traditional NAS systems, accelerating application I/O performance by enabling HPC cluster nodes to directly access a single, scalable file system in parallel. Simply add individual blade chassis or entire racks to non-disruptively scale the capacity and performance of the file system as storage requirements grow. This makes it easy to linearly scale capacity to six petabytes and performance to a staggering 150GB/s, the industry's highest single file system throughput per terabyte of SATA storage. Even an initial 40 to 60TB deployment consisting of a single chassis of ActiveStor 12 delivers a whopping 1.5GB/s of parallel performance.


ActiveStor systems provide a single point of management for a single, scalable file system, allowing storage administrators to focus on managing data instead of their storage systems. Capacity and performance planning, mount point management, and data load balancing across multiple pools of storage are all common administration problems that are easily solved by deploying Panasas storage.


Key to their high reliability and availability, ActiveStor appliances store data as objects, with RAID performed on a per-file basis as an integral part of PanFS, instead of depending on legacy hardware RAID controllers. Intelligent Object RAID optimizes data placement, boosting performance and reliability while unique horizontal (blade) and vertical (disk) parity calculations compensate for media errors, greatly improving drive reliability. ActiveStor systems deliver industry-leading rebuild times, quickly restoring fault tolerance to the system. This robustness makes ActiveStor an ideal choice for a variety of technical computing applications.


Panasas ActiveStor is available in two fourth-generation models-ActiveStor 12 excels in price/performance while ActiveStor 11 is an ideal lower cost alternative. Both offer excellent investment protection, increased storage utilization rates, and simplified management. As a result, ActiveStor appliances deliver an attractive total cost of ownership while fully addressing the big data requirements of even the most I/O intensive technical computing applications.


            *           World's fastest HPC storage system

            *           Scale-out NAS for big data workloads

            *           Linear scaling to 6PB and 150GB/s

            *           Single parallel file system namespace

            *           Optimized for parallel NFS throughput

            *           High scalability

            *           Plug-and-play simplicity

            *           Unmatched price/performance


About ReelData

ReelData manufactures, sells and supports products that focus on the needs of production organizations throughout the entertainment industry. Based in Hollywood, CA, established in 2002, ReelData co-founders Joe Lewis and Jeff Spalla spent years editing and engineering TV facilities and post production facilities before they teamed up to create database systems for TV and Motion Picture production. Television shows rely on products by ReelData to manage their growing digital assets and metadata. ReelData provides cloud based and private network solutions, specializing in production work flow management for larger TV shows and production groups. Key products include "MediaDB" Database Solutions, "MediaDB Ingestor" realtime HD media capture and transcoding products, MediaDB Data Servers and MediaDB Storage Systems. MediaDB software is cross platform, running on virtually computer all operating systems. ReelData solutions offer open source based components, industry standard components, and offering comprehensive data management options to handle the rigors of modern production environments. ReelData also provides professional services for customization and system integration.


Panasas is the premier provider of high performance parallel storage solutions for technical applications and big data workloads. All Panasas scale-out storage appliances leverage the PanasasPanFS™ parallel file system to deliver superior performance, data protection, scalability, and manageability.

Panasas introduced initial parallel storage products based on its first generation blade architecture in 2004. Now in its fourth generation, Panasas systems are optimized for highly demanding HPC storage applications in the bioscience, energy, government, finance, manufacturing, and other core research and development sectors.


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Joe Lewis



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