MediaDB software gives you complete control of digital media assets as well as managing physical tape media. The software has several unique database modules which work seamlessly together, both in your facility and remotely. Clients can log in securely on site or from anywhere in the world. Combine modules to create a unique solution that's right for you.

MediaDB Software

The initial modules for your installation include:

  1. BulletPowerView - Automatically tracks your media files as they move around every drive in the storage network, with notification of file changes, and history logs. Never loose a file again.

  2. BulletLibrary - Data management for all you elements, including masters, field tapes, animations, 3D, graphics, music, commercials, sound fx, barcoding, tracking tape movements via check in and out, labeling, history, digitize logs, file attachments and more.

  3. BulletSecurity/Administration - Create users, customize parameters, and manage access for all MediaDB modules.

Additional MediaDB Modules (not included) that may added in the future:

  1. BulletSuper Log -    Create transcripts, shot logs, and live production logs.

  2. BulletClip Vault - Video clip system that provides instant viewing of all you media from any computer.

  3. BulletShow Builder - The amazing new way to create show breakdowns, production schedules, and music licensing.

  4. BulletClose Caption - Store and search all your CC text data.

Common to all systems

  1. Easy to use

  2. Intuitive Interface

  3. Powerful Search Engine

  4. All products linked into one system

  5. Works with PC and Mac systems at the same time

  6. Saves production time and money